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Why it Pays to Go All-In on Inbound Marketing

Topics: Content Marketing, Inbound Marketing

Poker players go all-in for one of two reasons: Either their hand rocks and they know the pot is theirs or it stinks and they want to scare everyone else into folding.

When done right, the payoff is big, but it takes confidence, timing, and the will to actually take a chance with your chips even when you can’t be sure it’ll pay off.

The same is true with inbound. Just like sitting around the poker table, it’s hard to win big by playing it safe with little bets here and there. Winners see opportunities and make big, smart moves. 

When companies ask “how much inbound” they have to do to see results, the answer usually leaves them a little dizzy. While we all wish pouring ourselves into one awesome blog post a month is all it takes to start making hay online, doing a “little bit” of inbound is like playing it safe at the poker table––you might do okay, but you’ll never win big.

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4 Steps to Building a Successful Digital Marketing Strategy

Topics: Content Marketing, Inbound Marketing

There’s no denying that the marketing world is undergoing rapid changes, especially when it comes to digital marketing. It’s no wonder that many companies struggle to keep up. Other companies have trouble finding time to create and manage successful digital marketing strategies because they’re stretched too thin, thinking that having a digital presence everywhere they can is a top priority.

With so many ways to get your company’s message out into the world, and so many people to reach, figuring out a marketing strategy that delivers results for your brand is a challenge, but also essential to the success of your business.

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How to Write an About Us Page that Creates Brand Loyalty

Topics: Content Marketing, Inbound Marketing

Let’s set the scene:

Your company recently committed to focusing on an inbound marketing strategy, including a much-needed website revamp. In keeping with the inbound methodology, you are busy writing new web content that focuses on solving your potential customers’ problems rather than positioning information about your company and products or services at the forefront. But then you run into a problem...if you don’t put the focus on talking about your company, how are your potential customers going to build trust in you and how are you going to stand out from your competition?

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How to Create Truly Educational Inbound Content

Topics: Content Marketing, Strategic Blogging, Inbound Marketing

As we dive deeper into a new year, marketers love to let us know what new trends, techniques and developments will be essential throughout the coming months.  

So instead of pumping out yet another inbound to-do list for you to pin up on the bulletin board (here's a good one by the way), I thought it might be refreshing to revisit what makes all these efforts work in the first place no matter what shape they take.

Specifically, I'm talking about ensuring the content you’re creating educates your audience while generating the trust and authority needed to let them know you're offering a real solution.

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The Formula Behind a Successful Landing Page

Topics: Website Optimization

Landing pages are all over the web, but very few are actually designed with best practices in mind. Marketers have had years to test and compare all kinds of landing pages to figure what works and what doesn’t and today, we can clearly see the patterns common among the most successful pages out there. 

In an effort to nail down exactly how to maximize the probability of getting a conversion on the page, the folks over at analyzed over 10,000 trials of landing page testing in order to extract a single “formula” for the correctly optimized landing page. 

Before I go any further, you don’t have to be a whiz at math in order to grasp this and apply it yourself. I'm absolutely awful with numbers so if I can do it, you can do it. 

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Beating Big Brands to the Top with a Smart SEO Strategy

Topics: Search Engine Optimization, Inbound Marketing

If you’re a small to mid-sized brand, competing with industry heavyweights online (and elsewhere) can seem like a virtually impossible task. Search for any popular product or service and it doesn’t take long to realize big brands have a chokehold on the basic keywords people are searching for.

Depending on what these keywords are, this big brand dominance can consume the entire front page of results and beyond.

What’s more, the sites that rule search results often don’t adhere to all those crucial SEO “necessities” marketers and SEOs say are key.

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4 Mistakes Keeping Visitors From Moving Past Your Homepage

Topics: Website Optimization, Content Marketing

As search engines get better at connecting consumers' questions to companies with answers, it’s up to businesses to create the kinds of websites web-savvy consumers want to explore.

For most traffic coming to your website––especially new visitors––the homepage is your site’s front door, the gateway to the network of “rooms” that makes up your website.

Just like in the real world, no one arrives at your house only to admire the door––they want to go inside. The same is true for websites. 

When you ask businesses what the “goal” of their homepage is, people tend to stumble trying to come up with a clear answer. This confusion over the homepage’s purpose is one of the main reasons so many company homepages are so poorly executed. 

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How to Create a Content Promotion Strategy to Reach a Larger Audience

Topics: Content Marketing, Inbound Marketing

Inbound marketing has exploded over the past few years, and with it has come an explosion of content across the web.

Since content is the driver of inbound’s success, it’s no surprise we’ve become swamped with it as companies rush to meet the highly informed customer on their own turf. 

But inbound’s massive explosion has created a problem as ironic as it is uncomfortable for many content marketers to admit:

As more content makes its way out there, it’s become more difficult to get noticed amidst the noise.

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3 Bad Email Marketing Practices Keeping Readers from Clicking Through

Topics: Outbound Marketing, Inbound Marketing, Email Marketing

Whether it’s the typical embarrassing relative who shows up during the holidays or the colleague whose jokes simply aren’t funny, we all deal with embarrassing situations that make us uncomfortable. 

While strange relatives and cringe worthy co-workers are something we take in stride, you may have a bigger problem on your hands if your teeth clench every time the topic turns to your email marketing results in company meetings. 

If you can relate, don’t worry.

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