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Marketing vs. Customer Service: Fight?

Running a business is a complicated endeavor, and more often than not, there will be a lot of different issues competing against each other and many decisions to be made. Because of their different goals, marketing and customer service are two parts of a business that frequently butt heads (drawing attention, generating leads, and making sales vs. reducing confusion, troubleshooting product or service problems, and resolving issues with unsatisfied customers). In reality, these two departments will do your business a lot more good working together rather than independent from or even against each other!

So how can you, a marketer, help improve relations with your customer service team? Or, if you wear both hats, how do you balance these two goals? By following these 3 simple rules. (I've even rhymed them for you, so they'll be easier to remember!) Whether you work in a marketing department as part of a larger company, or whether you handle both marketing and customer service for your small business, if you remember to 'Wait, Educate, and Communicate', you're sure to save yourself a lot of trouble and headaches.

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Infographic Round-Up: Pinterest

Interest in Pinterest has been growing fast - it has 70 million users (as of July of this year, three years after its birth) - and even though it isn't nearly as widely known as Facebook or Twitter quite yet, it would still likely behoove (benefit) you to read up about it. Not up for reading? Lucky for you, I've gathered 5 infographics instead that gather all you need to know about this popular 'pin-board', sharing social site and display it to you in an easy-to-comprehend and easy-on-the-eyes style.

What Is Pinterest?

This infographic from InfographicsLabs covers the basics of Pinterest and is the first stop for anyone unfamiliar with how the site works, its demographics by age and country, the vocabulary, a little bit of history, and what people use it for. It was posted in 2012, so it will be a tad bit dated, but for beginners, it's still a great resource.

Click here to go to the full infographic.

Topics: Social Media Marketing & Management, Infographic, Introductory

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There's No Place Like Your Facebook Page for the Holidays


Presents by Allie Towers Rice

In this day and age, if your Thanksgiving turkey is cold and you haven't pulled the lights out of storage, started playing Christmas music, and also thrown on an ugly Christmas sweater, you're already late. Your house isn't the only thing you should be prepping for the Christmas season, either. Make these four changes to your business' Facebook page, and you could earn yourself a boost in engagement, some new Fans, and your own early Christmas!

Topics: Website Optimization, Social Media Marketing & Management, Sales Strategies, Introductory, Intermediate

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The "Eyes" Have It - Command Attention Using These Design Tricks

my eye by Chris McClanahan

In general, we depend on our eyesight more than any other of our senses. Something like 70% of our brains is involved in processing visual stimuli! So it's not too much of a stretch to say that if you can command a person's eyes, you can partially command their awareness. Street magicians take advantage of the idea that sight is so closely related to attention in order to pull off their tricks, and parents of young children, and pet owners as well, use the connection to entertain and distract upset or hyperactive ankle-biters.

As a business owner, you need to command your customers' eyes and attention too, but not because you need to distract them or trick them. You want to make them aware of all the different ways your products or services can help them, or bring their attention to the really awesome deals and discounts you have going on. Whether you're revamping the look of your website, or creating an ad, a poster, or a flyer, you can use these simple design tricks to draw the viewers' attention to the most important information.

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3 Landing Page Secrets To Boost Your Conversion Rate

Crossroads by Carsten Tolkmit

Your landing page is a crossroads for conversion. After journeying through the billions of pages on the internet, somehow, someway, a prospect has come to yours, and they're probably being reminded by their phone, their spouse, their pet, their boss, their kid, or their friend that they don't have all day to make decision about which way to go.

They could go the way you want them to, by filling out a form with their information or buying a product or signing up for a service. But they could also turn away, or put the decision off, until they forget about where they were before and never see your business again. So what can you do to your path at the crossroads to make them come your way?

Let's take a look!

Topics: Website Optimization, Content Marketing, Introductory, Intermediate

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